Monica Förster

Future design classic created by Monica Förster for Gense

Gense has proudly present a cutlery series in stainless steel by internationally renowned designer Monica Förster in year 2012. The cutlery Dorotea is an exciting encounter between traditional design and innovative form and function.
Gense has with Dorotea a functional and timeless cutlery that combines Gense’s tradition and craftsmanship with design on an international level. The cutlery is distinguished by a solid, balanced look were the form lays in the contour and the cutlery’s characteristic rounded finish.
Monica Förster’s upbringing in the famous hotel Dorotea in the north of Sweden was characterized by a large interest for the meal and the set table as her father was one of Sweden’s foremost chiefs. She started work on her first cutlery by testing form and function of current cutlery series on the market. The interaction with the cutlery has been an important part of the design process, how the cutlery feels in the hand and mouth. The research work resulted in the cutlery Dorotea, a harmonious and solid cutlery that will live on for a long time.

– The cutlery Dorotea is a tribute to food, says Monica Förster. I wanted to make a harmonious cutlery without any visible joints and with an accomplished balance.

Monica Försters design features a well thought-out simplicity without unnecessary details and she is driven by a great curiosity for new materials and approaches.




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