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Timeless Scandinavian design

All over the world, the Gense name is associated with high quality cutlery that adds beauty to one’s daily life. The company’s long and interesting history has made it one of Europe’s leading cutlery manufacturers.

Gense products are all distinguished for their innovative design and famous for the high quality of their shape and function. Since the beginning of the twentieth century Gense has been associated with well-known designers. Gense’s hallmark is top-quality Scandinavian design founded on respect for traditions and the rich complexity of the craftsmanship.


An ancient tradition of craftsmanship

Gense is an acronym for Gustaf Eriksson NySilverfabrik i Eskilstuna. Gustaf Eriksson, who established the company in 1856 in Eskilstuna, was a specialised craftman in making doors for tiled ovens. It was not until his son Axel Eriksson took over the business in 1885 that Gense took the crucial step and extended its range to include cutlery and silver plated tableware.

Since the early decades of the twentieth century, Gense has collaborated with designers who have worked with burning enthusiasm alongside the craftsmen, one of the distinctive features of the famous Swedish industrial art, where artistry, craftsmanship and technical discoveries go hand in hand.

Since Gense was established over 150 years ago, a great deal of cutlery has found its way around the world and become treasured heirlooms, handed down through generations.


Royal Warrent Holders

Royal Warrent Holders are appointed by HM the King and HM the Queen.  Gense received the distinction in 1982 from the King of Sweden. Appointment as Royal Warrent Holder to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf means that the company represents the very best in the country in its industry.  The award of the title is an honour, and evidence of the extremely high quality maintained by Gense in its products.


Beautiful, Handmade Silverware

Silverware in a beautiful and timeless design is the hallmark of Mema/GAB. All of the manu-facturing takes place in Eskilstuna, Sweden by skilled artisans. The silversmith’s craft is a precision work that takes many years to learn – and it takes six weeks to make one single item of cutlery.

We have 27 different models of silver cutlery to choose from and several magnificent silver corpus pieces. Visit www.memagab.se to see our entire assortment.




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